You may have heard of the name 'SARMS' come up on fitness and bodybuilding blogs recently, and it is understandable why these are the newest effective non-toxic sports supplements which has hit the Australian market by storm!!!Now for many reasons,this product is quite simply one of the BEST trial discoveries in the fitness industry to date!

So let's start with the basics: What are SARMs? SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and act primarily as performance enhancers in sport. They are all orally administered ( needle and hassle free!) and they target androgen receptors in the body effectively and best of all, they take a short time to reach the bloodstream. They selectively target receptors in muscle, bone, connective tissue and body fat which in turn means it heightens the body's natural response to exercise, based on the different type of SARM you might be taking. This is what makes the SUPERIOR SARMS range of supplements UNIQUE, making them an ideal choice for amplifying athletic performance and body building.

SARMs are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional anabolic steroids and peptides because they deliver results, FAST!