Customer Reviews

' I just bought the Lean SR 9009 and i can feel already that I am less bloated and my waistline has decreased. I don't have time to exercise much as I am older now and with my job and family it is rare I have time to hit the treadmill. Excited to see the results after the bottle is done. I would be interested to try the other ones in the range.' - Alan, Randwick NSW, 17/03/18

' I bought the GH Elixir Mk 6-77 and the Elite Shred GW 501516 2 weeks ago and I can feel that my strength has improved and my sleep is better. My partner also noticed that I have been eating a lot more but still lost a bit of weight around the stomach . The package arrived quickly the next day too. Will repurchase after the bottle is finished. '- Christian, Paddington NSW, 23/03/18